New Grayson College President takes office

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DENISON, TX-- After 6 months of searching for a new Grayson College President, the Board of Trustees hired Dr. Jeremy McMillen.

He is the 5th and youngest president of the college and the staff members are looking forward to his fresh ideas and new goals.

Gary Paikowski has worked for Grayson College since 1978. He was hired by the second president Dr. Truman Wester and has worked for the next three, as well. He said change is always a good thing.

"I personally can say I feel invigorated and refreshed and I'm looking forward to a new direction and a new leadership at Grayson College," Paikowski said.

McMillen was officially hired in June and started one week ago.

"This is the job that I've wanted ever since I've thought about becoming a college president. In fact, this is the college presidency I was most excited about," McMillen explained.

McMillen was the first college graduate in his family and said he would not be where he is today without his education. His goal is to prepare the students for a four year university or have them ready for the work place.

"Engaging the community, so that we are able to serve students, so they can move forward with their careers. We can also work with the work force and meet those training needs and move this community forward, so we give back to our local area."

Paikowski said each president has brought something different to the college, but it's not an easy job.

"It's a difficult position to have in this day and time because the demands on us for education are growing. The use of the community college by the average populous of Grayson County is continuing to grow."

One of McMillen's and Board of Trustees first order of business is working on expanding the South Campus in Van Alsytne. They will begin discussing that in August.