Grayson College puts on fair for veterans

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DENISON,TX -- Grayson College students learned what careers and classes are available to them after their service.

Current and former veterans took part in a fair at Grayson College Thursday to learn about what life after service has to offer.

"I found out the hard way that there's a lot of guys that don't know what's going on." said Robertson.

Denison VFW post commander Larry Robertson works with veterans who were deployed into battle and need help getting back on their feet when their deployment ends.

"There's a lot of things that could save their life, and they just need to know what it is, and who to contact." said Robertson.

Over a dozen local and state agencies were on hand to discuss with veterans where they can go for help and school counselors were able to help them pick out classes.

Event organizer Cindy Powell says the road from the battlefield to civilian life can be rocky.

"We hear a lot from veterans that the transition can be very difficult." said Powell.

"I was basically coming up to see who was up here and find out what jobs are available." said Chuck Ross.

"I just wanted to come see what they had to offer, and see what kind of jobs elsewhere around the area they might have available and what kind of information they have to put out for us." said Joshua Williams.

Veteran Chuck Ross has worked most of his life in the insurance field and wanted a new start.

He and fellow vet Joshua Williams are both in a welding program at Grayson College.

He says programs like Thursday's, lets veterans know their service is appreciated.

"You can't help our veterans out enough; they're putting their life out on the lines for our freedoms just to allow us to stand here and be doing what we're doing today."
said Williams.

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