Grayson County Habitat for Humanity starts construction on Pottsboro home

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POTTSBORO, TX -- Saturday's weather may have put a damper on some people's day, but it was bright for one Grayson County family when volunteers began constructing what will be their new home.

Michael and Kristal Jordan live in Pottsboro with their six children. They live in a small two bedroom, one bath home and that is not much space for a family of eight, but that is about to change.

Thanks to Grayson County Habitat for Humanity and dozens of volunteers the Jordan's will soon be getting a new four-bedroom home, space they all say is much need and appreciated.

"I'm excited for my mom, my stepdad because I see how their crowded. They're tired of sleeping on the couch and having to share a room with the girls and everything. And one bathroom is hard. I'm just excited everybody's helping with this house for my mom and them because they need it bad," Tanner Hoglin said.

"Our old house is really crowded. It's a 2-bedroom with eight of us. Me and my sisters sleep in the living room. My brothers have their own room and my little sister shares the bedroom with my mom and dad. So we're all really crowded and we're excited to have a new bigger house so we can all have our own rooms," Sheyenne Hoglin said.

Grayson County Habitat for Humanity has helped house more than 300 people the last few years here locally and also in Central America and Haiti. Executive Director Laurie Mealy says this is their second home to build in Pottsboro and the 29th in Grayson County.

"It's just the most wonderful thing to see a family be able to move into a home when they've never owned a home before. Almost all of our families are first-time home buyers. So this for them is a real dream come true. It's fabulous," Mealy said.

Michael and Kristal Jordan have invested their own time, lending a helping hand to other families receiving a home and now that their time has come they say they feel blessed and could not be more excited.

I'm just so thankful for everybody that donated and all the volunteers that helped and just everybody," Kristal said.