Grayson County Fair kicks off

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DENISON, TX -- The Grayson County Fair is now open for the weekend.

Thursday afternoon, the opening ceremony was held and dozens were already waiting to get inside and ride some rides. There is plenty to do for all ages. Tractor pulls, miniature bull riding and lawnmower races are just some of the events. Of course, you can't forget the food.

Organizers encourage everyone to come out.

"This is the best deal around. I mean, instead of driving an hour to Dallas to go to the state fair and then paying $12 for parking, and $12 to get in, this is $5 for adults and $3 for youth. And we gave free tickets out all over the county to the youth. So, there should be a free ticket in somebody's pocket," organizer Joyce White said.

Below is a link to the list of events.

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