Grayson County candidate forum held Tuesday

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Ahead of the March primary elections candidates running for office in Grayson County faced off in a forum at the courthouse Tuesday night.

The candidates running for County Judge, Justice of the Peace Precinct 4, Commissioner Precinct 2 and Treasurer were asked a number of questions about themselves and issues the county faces. Some of the nights most anticipated questions came from the judge hopefuls.

Meet the four candidates running for Grayson County Judge.

Former three term Sherman Mayor Bill Magers.

"Since 2000 we've lost over 5,000 manufacturing jobs and as the Mayor of Sherman we stemmed the tide" Magers said.

Former Grayson County Commissioner Gene Short.

"I have 24 years experience serving on commissioners court and I developed State Highway 289 rural addressing, 20 percent homestead tax exemption," Short said.

Vietnam Veteran and businessman Jim Maddock.

"I have 40 years of leadership experience in business. First 20 years of that, managing multi-million dollar budges and organizations," Maddock said.

And current Grayson County Treasurer Trent Bass.

"That uniquely qualifies me to understand where our money comes from. Where our money is being spent and how we can do better with the money that we have," Bass said.

During round one of the forum each candidate had five minutes to answer six questions. Though each candidate answered differently, each says it is his specific qualifications and vision for Grayson County that will make the community a better place.

"Quality jobs bring quality companies that will increase our tax base. We can keep taxes low. They will provide other opportunities." Magers said.

"We need to create, attract jobs to our county for our citizens," Short said. "Keeping taxes low, by regulations to a minimum..."

"I think we can become a world class organization providing service and support for the taxpayers and do that at minimal cost," Maddock said.

"I want to increase transparency. I think its important for citizens to understand what their governments doing and where we are spending our money. The other thing I want to do is work toward lowering our tax rate," Bass said.

For a complete list of candidates running for state and county offices across North Texas visit the link below.

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