Grayson Co. fire marshals investigating Dorchester fire

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Grayson County fire marshals are looking into what caused a Dorchester house to catch fire early Monday morning.

Firefighters arrived at the house on Harmon Road just before 1 a.m. to find it fully engulfed in flames.

Howe Fire Chief Robert Maniet said the husband, wife and three kids living there all made it out safely. But the house was a total loss.

"With this being an older-style construction house, the fire spreads very quickly through these types of houses," he said. "By the time we got here and got hoses and everything set up, it was gonna be a complete loss."

Maniet said the homeowner believes the fire started with the clothes dryer.

Kevin Walton, Grayson County fire marshal, said the appliance room in the back of the house was the hottest area, and likely where the fire started.

He said they plan to dig out the back room Tuesday morning to make an official determination.

Maniet said the fire is a reminder to everyone to check appliances on a regular basis for safety.

"What I would advise everybody - since it is starting to come into winter seasons - check the dryer lint, check any kind of dryer vents leading out for any kinds of lent and debris off of shirts," he said.

Neighbors said the residents of the house are staying with family members in Sherman. All of them made it out without injury, they said.

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