Great American Smokeout encourages smokers to quit

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45 million Americans smoke, and more than half have tried to quit this year. If you want to quit, today might help.

Today marks the 37th annual Great American Smoke-out. The American Cancer Society created the event to encourage smokers to quit for just one day, in hopes that they might quit for a lifetime.

The Carter County Tobacco Use Coalition said one out of four people in Oklahoma smoke, and three out of four of those smokers want to quit.

The Coalition held its Smokeout event in advance this Tuesday to set people up to quit smoking today. Carter County Tobacco Use Coalition Coordinator Janie Horton says while quitting is tough, it's possible.

"It's harder to quit smoking than it is to give up heroin," said Horton. "But this is a day that if you can just think about on day at a time, this is a good day to start doing that."

If you'd like to quit smoking you can call the Oklahoma Tobacco Help line at 1-800-QUIT-NOW to receive five to six personal counselling sessions.