Gun control debate arises after Sandy Hook

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ARDMORE, OK - The controversial gun control debate is back in the spotlight. Some lawmakers said Friday's devastating shooting may be a tipping point when it comes to getting tougher laws passed.

It is massacres like the recent shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn. that raises the question, would tougher gun control help put an end to these acts of violence?

Oklahoma State Senator Frank Simpson (R-District 14) said more gun laws are not the answer. "If you look at the history of gun control, it doesn't work," Simpson said. "Chicago and Washington D.C. have the toughest gun control laws in the country yet they have the highest murder rate."

Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York does not see it that way. On Face the Nation Sunday, he told Bob Schieffer "we may be at a tipping point" when it comes to getting tougher gun laws passed.

"Three things that we should focus on: We don't know the details yet, so you can't say that any of them would have stopped this incident, but you can say they are parts of one is to ban assault weapons, to try and reinstate the assault weapons ban," Schumer said. "The second is to limit the size of clips to maybe no more than 10 bullets per clip. And the third would be to make it harder for mentally unstable people to get guns."

When it comes to gun control in Oklahoma, Simpson said he does not foresee a change in the law. "If there were an easy fix, I would be the first one on board for the easy fix," Simpson said. "There is no easy fix."

President Barack Obama said he wants to see meaningful action on prevention Friday but did not comment directly on gun control.

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