'Guns Across America' rally outside Bryan Co. courthouse

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DURANT, OK -- President Obama's $500 million gun control announcement has many pro-gun activists worried about their Second Amendment rights. In Durant, dozens rallied against gun control.

"I know at the state level we're going to continue to fight here, to protect us against what Washington D.C. thinks they need for us to be great," Dustin Roberts said.

State Representative Dustin Roberts and many others spoke to dozens of pro-gun activists outside the Bryan County Courthouse Saturday afternoon. The crowd gathered to show their opposition to gun legislation they say would threaten the Second Amendment.

"We're going to have to rally together because our constituion is getting assaulted right now, and that's why every body is here. They're worried about our Bill of Rights," John Wyatt said.

"It's going to effect everybody, not just necessarily the hunters or the country people," Mandi Franks said.

"Our generation, the next generation, we're caretakers of what they started 200 hundred something years ago. And it's important that we continue that," organizer Kenneth Inman said.

Saturday's event was part of a larger rally, 'Guns Across America', taking place in front of 49 state Capitols across the nation.

Roberts says rather than imposing restrictions on automatic weapons, one thing lawmakers should focus on is education.

"We as individuals need to educate everybody on gun safety, on guns, on our rights," he said.

Roberts told those in attendance he and many other Oklahoma lawmakers are going to continue to fight for Second Amendment rights. And he encouraged supporters to contact state lawmakers and those in Washington.

"I hope they stand up for their rights and what they believe in and start contacting these individuals that think that they're running us and running our lives and we need to fight for our rights and get back to the grassroots efforts that made America great," Dustin Roberts

President Obama's executive actions include a call on Congress to ban military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. It would also close loopholes in the gun sale background check system.

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