Guns stolen from Atoka home

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ATOKA, OK -- Dozens of guns were stolen from an Atoka home, then someone tried to hide the evidence.

Atoka police say about 30 guns were taken from the home off of west seventh street in Atoka, but that wasn't the only crime committed.

"It's still under investigation, but I believe it was sometime between 10 yesterday afternoon and 8 o clock this morning. Entry was gained and numerous guns were taken and the house was tried to be set on fire to cover up the burglary," said Captain Darrin Duckworth.

When the owner returned home, he noticed his door had been broken down, and there was smoke damage inside. Police say the homeowner is a gunsmith and several of the guns belonged to his customers. the rest were his own.

"He's still getting a list of everything, what exactly is missing and how much each gun is worth. {...} This is the first one that we've had with that many guns taken. There's usually one or two guns, and with that quantity. This is the first time in a long time that we've had that quantity taken," said Captain Duckworth.

If you have any information call Atoka Crime Stoppers at (580) 889-4030.

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