Gunter police warn of property crimes

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GUNTER, Texas -- The Gunter Police Department recently took to social media to warn residents of an increase in property crimes just outside city limits.

Gunter PD Chief Bryce Kennedy is the face behind the department's Facebook account.

A recent post reads, "We have noticed a rise in property crimes in the county, just outside the city limits. To name a few, criminal mischief, vandalism and suspicious vehicles in places like Maples Ranch, Hidden Lakes and secluded residences on county roads."

Kennedy told News 12 the crimes are "petty, yet troublesome."

The post continues on, saying that those outlying neighborhoods are under the Grayson County Sheriff's Office jurisdiction, but Gunter PD has sometimes responded to "hold down" the situation until deputies arrive.

"God bless our sheriff's office, they're all great people, but the fact is they're spread pretty thin throughout the whole county," he said. "So they can't be everywhere at once."

Kennedy estimated that Gunter PD assists nearby areas of the county on a weekly basis.

It's possible that juveniles are responsible for the crimes. The increase in property crimes started in June.

"I think it may be juveniles out, late at night, no school tomorrow -- just doing petty stuff," he said.

"Every year about the time when school gets out is about the time this stuff starts to pick up," he said.

Kennedy explained that the increase in these property crimes is nothing to be extremely alarmed about, but residents should still take precautions to avoid being targeted.

Here's a list of his tips:

1. Let your neighbors know when you're leaving [on vacation].
2. Don't post anything to social media [about your leaving for vacation].
3. Motion activated lights are always a big plus.
4. Trim the hedges around your windows.
5. A dog that barks when people come around is a hug deterrent.

In addition, he suggested keeping your car keys on your bedside table. If you hear a suspicious noise outside your home, activate your car alarm to scare anyone nearby away.