"Gypsy Scammers" hit Texoma region

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BRYAN COUNTY, OKLAHOMA - A group of scammers who travel the nation have made their way to Texoma, where they're trying to con residents out of their money.

Nila Trammell says her driveway was a mess after it was worked on by a group of fast-talking con-men known as the "gypsy scammers."

"They came in from here and told me they had done some work at my neighbor's home and that they had some leftover gravel and that they needed to get rid of it off their truck," said Trammell.

At first one of the men said they would charge her $12 a yard to do an asphalt driveway. But after an hour of work, they said the price could change because they didn't know how much gravel was left in the truck.

"I said well we need to stop and figure out the price and they said we don't have that much more and it won't be much and then when it was all said and done they said they hit me for $4,350 bill," said Trammell.

Nearly $5000 for what Trammell calls a terrible job.
You can see how far her shoes sunk into the gravel because of the poor quality of the pavement.

"I said no I'm not paying it that's not what we had a deal to and I'm not going to pay that kind of money," said Trammell.

After they realized they weren't getting paid they left that area right there for the homeowner to clean up.

Bryan County Undersheriff Ken Golden has seen groups like these pop up all over Texoma. But he says they specifically target the elderly or people in rural areas.

"There are no permits required by the county and there's no business permit so they can travel freely which is more convenient for them," said Golden.

He warns Texomans to always get an agreement in writing and never pay more than you agree to.
Most importantly, Golden says don't pay up front and always find a reputable company to work with.

"If you need something done find a local contractor someone you can depend on and have it done that way because these people are hard to find after they've left," said Golden.

It's a lesson that Trammell almost learned the hard way.

"Beware that's basically the reason I called y'all because I wanted everyone to know this is going on," said Trammell.

Grayson and Johnston County officials have also seen gypsy scammers in their areas. They say always research you're contractors because if they tell you a deal that's too good to be true it probably is.

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