Happier times ahead for 7-year-old Gainesville boy battling rare form of cancer

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GAINESVILLE, TX -- It's been a long battle but things are looking up for Hunter Alford and his family.

The 7-year-old Gainesville boy was born with a rare form of cancer and today, his mother says he is tumor-free.

Watching him play and run around with so much energy, you would never think Hunter Alford was born with a rare form of cancer.

His mother, Krista, says the cancer sometimes causes tumors to grow in the nervous system.

She says it's been a tough battle for her 7-year-old son but hopes everything can return back to normal for him soon.

"If Hunter's CT scans come back clear then we'll remove his port," Krista said. "He is declared tumor free, he's not cancer free, but he is tumor free."

Krista says their fight against cancer has been a long one. News12 shared Hunter's story several months ago when the family learned that Hunter's and his little sister, Mikayla's health insurance, or CHIP, was cancelled under the new Affordable Care Act.

Mikayla was born with a cancer that causes brain tumors. Krista says when Mikayla was 5 months old, she had brain tumors the size of two men's fists.

"She had her first brain surgery when she was 5 months old and her second one a few weeks later," said Krista. "She had a 20 percent chance of making it back from her first brain surgery, not only did she make it but she came out smiling."

She says Mikayla is now five years old, walking, talking, and loves to go to school.

Krista says she and her husband are very grateful and excited that the health of their two children are finally looking up, and her kids inspire her to be strong.

"I have to be strong for them, so they can be strong and that's what keeps me going," Krista said. "They are troopers."

She says when Hunter's port is removed, they will throw him a party to celebrate. She says her family is thankful for the community's never ending support and even Hunter had a message to share.

"Thank you everybody," Hunter said.

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