U.S. 82 near Sadler open after chemical spill

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SADLER, TX - U.S. Highway 82 west of Sherman has reopened after a tanker dumped hydrochloric acid onto the road Monday morning.

"If you're close enough to it and the wind shifts, if you get a big enough breath of it it'll cause burning to the nose and throat area, and it'll get down into your lungs and can do some serious damage." said Trooper Mark Tackett.

Early Monday morning a truck heading West on Highway 82 near Sadler crashed after the driver says he lost control.
Authorities say the truck was carrying about 4500 gallons of hydrochloric acid, most of which spilled onto the road.

"Lost all but about 700 gallons of the product on to the roadway, right now we have 2 environmental crews working on remediating, one crew is working on getting the acid neutralized with sodium bi-carb and then they're going to offload what's left on the tanker." said Kevin Walton of Grayson County OEM.

Environmental crews were brought in from Dallas to help in the clean up, and traffic from both directions was re-directed down FM 901 to Hwy 56.

"The reason we have it shut down right now, is because if there is a wind shift, or if more of it comes out of the container then there could be a problem with the fumes blowing on cars and getting to the motorists and we're trying to make this area, this stretch of road about as safe as we can for the motorists." Tackett said.

Residents in one nearby house were told not to come home until further notice, and some Sadler school buses were re-routed.

"We've made special arrangements with the Sadler school district on getting some kids taken to Preston Drive and Wolf Drive via some different routes so than can get on 82 and then back off 82 with the kids being safe." said Walton.

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