Head lice policies change in some Texoma schools

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SAVOY, TX -- Head lice continues to be an issue at schools across the country, but now many schools including some right here in Texoma are not sending kids home who have head lice.

Dr. Lipscomb says, "Lice is an infestation of parasitic bugs that get into your hair and they tend to cling to your hair and reproduce in that area..it's kinda a nasty disease."

Previously if lice were found in a child's hair the child was sent home but this year a new policy has been adopted in schools that allows the child to stay in class.

Savoy Elementary School Nurse, Lesslie Sanders, agrees that sending kids home for lice is unnecessary

Lesslie Sanders says, " The kids are always missing too much school and it's not a health hazard."

Sanders says she checks the student's heads once a week and says lice isn't something to fuss about..

According to Sanders, "We call the parents, we talk about the remedies, how to fix it, also how to help the kids not get embarrassed. It's just not a big deal anymore. It's mostly just a nuisance."

But Dr. Jody Lipscomb disagrees

Dr. Lipscomb says, "Lice is nasty. It's something I think schools should take seriously as protection for other kids in the classroom, where parents dont wanna have to treat that. They really should send those kids home until they get effective treatment and then they can come back as quick as the next day."

Dr Lipscomb says lice treatment is quick and easy. Lipscomb says, "If you catch it early it's not hard to treat..it's not a sin to get lice it's a sin to keep it."

Parent Cissy Pennelle says she'd rather the infected children be sent home as well

Pennelle says,"Children bring that home and then it becomes a deal of people being able to afford stuff to take care of it as well as take care of stuff in their home it is a health hazard."