Healdton police chief fired

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HEALDTON, OK -- Two months after returning from suspension, the city of Healdton has now fired its embattled police chief.

"He was terminated for the good of the service," said Healdton's co-interim city manager, Brian Scribner.
He says police chief Jarod Barnes was fired Tuesday afternoon, but wouldn't give details about why.

Back in March, Barnes was placed on suspension by the city council, but was back on duty shortly after.
During the suspension, Barnes was in court for a protective order, placed by his now ex-wife, but the order was dismissed by the judge.

Barnes says, "I had an incident occur with a co-worker and, led to other things, and I was called into the city manager's office, Brian Scribner's office, yesterday afternoon around 3 o'clock."

Carter County District Attorney Craig Ladd confirmed with News 12 that there is an ongoing investigation involving Barnes.

We talked to Healdton residents who say they aren't sad to see Barnes out as police chief:

"I think it's going to change here in Healdton. I'm waiting for a change. And once he's out and gone, I'm pretty sure everything's going to calm down. I'm hoping it does."

"I'm pretty sure this town is fed up with Barnes."

Another resident, who also doesn't want to be identified, says she was in the process of getting a petition ready, in efforts to remove Barnes from his position, when she found out he had been fired.

"A lot of people that I have spoke to, they said they would sign it."

Scribner says the city will now look to find a new police chief. One of its current police officers has been named interim supervisor.

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