Healdton pulls together for fogger machine after WNV death

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HEALDTON, OK - The recent death of a Healdton man from West Nile Virus has spurred the city to take a proactive stance against mosquitoes.

One of the two confirmed WNV deaths in Carter County was a
well-known Healdton man, Bill Brady.

"Everybody done well," Brady's son Mike Brady said. "Of course, you have those bad days with the good days. Overall, it is going pretty good."

Mike said their family has always been a close knit one. Together they own and operate Brady Welding & Machine Shop off Highway 76.

To remember Bill and protect the community he loved, the city of Healton is now taking a proactive approach to fighting WNV.

HIA General Manager Herb Collier said, "Some folks came forward, we pressed a little harder, some donations were made, including the pick up to secure the machine thats in the back."

Collier said the city has used the fogger machine three times since they bought it last week. The HIA will continue to spray until a professional believes most of the mosquitoes are gone.

"Until we get a first freeze," Collier said. "If it is October, so be it, if it is November. We are going to be around as long as the mosquitos are around."

Mike said he appreciates Healdton stepping up because he knows his dad would have done the same.

"He would have actually been the one leading the charge to get one if he thought it would save one person," Mike said. "He was always that way."

Mike said their family is taking the loss one day at a time and while Bill might not be physically here, Mike said helping protect other people in their hometown will keep his dad's memory alive.

Collier said the HIA is willing to help nearby cities who are not licensed to spray for mosquitoes as long as they can pay for the chemicals.