High speed Internet coming to rural Garvin County

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GARVIN COUNTY, OK -- AtLink Services provides broadband wireless internet to many parts of Oklahoma, and now Garvin County is one of them.

Officials came out to celebrate the first of 30 towers that will be built across the state.

"This tower amongst, this is one of 30, will serve over 6000 homes and 1400 businesses and I believe about another 1000 community anchor institutions," said AtLink Services CEO, Sam Curtis.

The AtLink Services towers are funded by an 8.5 million dollar loan grant combination from the USDA's Broadband Initiative Program.
Ryan McMullen, State Director of USDA Rural Development, says bringing high speed internet to rural parts of Oklahoma gives all Oklahomans equal access to facilities.

"It's really a matter of creating a level playing field that no matter who you are or where you grow up, whether you're in the middle of downtown Oklahoma City or you're at a farm in south central Oklahoma, that you should have access to basic types of infrastructure and be able to have basic types of communication," McMullen said.

Pauls Valley Chamber of Commerce President, Sherri Wing, says having better access to broadband will also increase economic development in the area.

"I think just having the service in general to support our school systems, obviously we're educating our young people and then that's a more educated workforce and attracting more businesses to the area," Wing said.

Officials hope to start providing service from the Pauls Valley tower by the end of this year.

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