Highland Park ISD announces precautions against West Nile Virus for tonight’s football game

SHERMAN, TX - Sherman ISD wants fans and parents to know how to protect themselves and their kids from West Nile virus as the Bearcats travel to Highland Park for tonight's football game.

Sherman ISD spokeswoman April Patterson says a West Nile sample (of mosquitoes) tested positively last week in the City of University Park, home to Highland Park ISD. As a result, the City fogged the stadium last weekend as well as other ISD campuses.

"As a precaution, HPISD passed along information to make sure we’re all well-informed to protect ourselves and our students from getting infected," Patterson said in a press release.

Here are tips from Sherman ISD to protect yourself and your kids against WNV:

- Make sure all students and staff have sprayed themselves with insect repellent containing DEET. Sherman ISD officials, or teachers, cannot require people use insect repellent; but it’s the wisest precaution to take if a person has no allergies or apprehension to that type of repellent.

- Highland Park Stadium officials will have insect repellent containing DEET should anyone need it.

- While outside during dawn and dusk hours wear long, loose and light-colored clothing.

- Avoid areas with standing water or overgrown grass or brush.

Here is the announcement from Highland Park ISD:

City reports positive West Nile sample at HPISD Administration Building

Dear HPISD Parents & Community Members,

The City of University Park has been notified that a mosquito sample taken outside the HPISD Administration Building has tested positive for the West Nile virus.

The City will fog the area including the administration building, baseball field and high school campus at 11 p.m. tonight. All other school campuses within U.P. city limits will be fogged at 11 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 14, including campus storm drains.

While no human cases of infection have been reported on campus, it is wise to take precautionary measures by using insect repellent containing DEET, especially during outdoor activities such as tonight's freshman football game. Game officials will have insect repellent on hand for attendees to use as needed.

Mosquito season typically runs from May to October, with peak activity in August. The City of University Park has more information about West Nile virus on its web site, including the following tips:

To protect yourself and family members:

While outside during dawn and dusk hours wear long, loose and light-colored clothing.
Use insect repellents that contain DEET.

To control mosquito breeding:

Drain all areas of standing water.
Change water in wading pools, pet dishes and birdbaths several times a week.
Keep backyard pools clean.
Keep unnecessary plant growth cut back.
Cover trash can containers so they will not collect water.
Use automatic sprinkler systems wisely. Make sure systems are checked to avoid leaving standing water.
Clean or replace clogged roof gutters and downspouts.

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