Bryan County homes burglarized while families are asleep

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BRYAN COUNTY, OK - Officials are reminding residents to lock their doors after multiple families homes are burglarized while they're asleep. News 12's Daniella Rivera spoke to officials and a family who says their home was invaded when they were at their most vulnerable.

"My son was sleeping right here on his mattress, and his nightstand was right here, and he took stuff of his nightstand. While my son was asleep," said mother Anna Dodd.

Dodd and her family were in the process of moving out of their Bryan County home, right next to their church, but when they woke up Friday morning, their truck, money, belongings, and multiple fire arms were missing.

"It's very scary. You think, 'I would wake up, I would protect my family, I would...' you know we've had our training we've carried weapons for quite sometime, and here he comes in and you don't even hear him," said Dodd.

Authorities say burglaries at two other homes and three other vehicles, within walking distance, are believed to be connected.

"Generally where you start to see a pattern where a burglar is going into a residence, knowing there's families in the home, you're more often going to see violence with these particular types of cases," said Bryan County Sheriff's Office chief investigator Nathan Calloway.

The Bryan County Sheriff's Office is investigating the burglary that happened at the Dodd's home, however the duplexes that were robbed just across the street are within the Durant city limits, so the Durant police are investigating those cases.

Meanwhile, the Dodd family is moving out sooner than expected. They say the intruder went through their wallets and purses, stole money and credit cards, and took all of their keys.

"If I would have woken up, he either would have killed me or probably done something to stop me," said Brett Dodd.

"God just had to shut our ears, otherwise, we would be having a much different conversation I probably would not have been here," said Anna Dodd.

If you have any information on the burglaries, contact the Bryan County Sheriff's Office, or the Durant Police Department.

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