How students beat the heat during practice

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ARDMORE, OK-- School is just around the corner and students all over Texoma are aiming to beat the heat as sports and band practice begin.

With the first football game less than a month away Ardmore High School band director Chauvin Aaron has a tough task, getting his kids gets ready for that first halftime show while keeping them safe in the summer heat.

"The first game is not going to change so we just have to do what we can to stay safe while still preparing the best we can for that first game " said Aaron.

Aaron said he keeps his band members cool during practice by giving them frequent water breaks.

"If you're feeling overheated or if you're about to pass out or dizzy or light headed come over to the side get under the shade tree and take a break" said Aaron.

"A couple of people sometimes they get sick from the heat but that's typical you get sick then you go rehydrate yourself and you're fine" said Reisetter.

This year will be Lance Reisetter's 4th year in the marching band. He said he knows the importance of staying hydrated during practice and wants his band mates to be at their best.

"I'll bring a cooler with Gatorade, PowerAde, and water. I typically bring enough to share in case someone forgot because there's always that one person who does" said Reisetter.

Reisetter said there are plenty of other ways to protect yourself from the heat while practicing outside.

"Hats, sunglasses, definitely sun block if you're like me you'll be out for like ten minutes and you'll turn red " said Reisetter.

But Aaron said sometimes the shade provided by nearby trees along with water and sun block still isn't enough. He said the extreme heat has caused him to change the bands practice schedule so they practice inside for part of the day.

"I think this year is the most consecutive days that we had heat over like a hundred and so we've had to modify our schedule and how long the kids have been or will be outside" said Aaron.

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