Howe Police increase patrols on U.S. 75

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HOWE, TX - Howe Police say they're seeing a rise in dangerous driving on U.S. Highway 75 through their city.

Howe police officers say in the last few weeks they've received an increase in calls complaining of reckless and intoxicated drivers. In fact, they say the number of D.W.I. arrests in the first five months of this year is more than double that of the same time last year.

U.S. 75 sees a lot of traffic, day and night, and Howe Police say they're seeing more and more dangerous drivers on the highway.

"The officers that do work the evening shift, even our overnight shift, are getting a lot of these calls of reckless drivers and possible intoxicated drivers. Nine out of ten that we do get stopped, they do turn out to be intoxicated," said Sergeant Mike Hill with the Howe Police Department.

So officers are taking a proactive approach, beefing up patrols along US75.

"We're going to be out there and be seen. We are going to be out there looking for the reckless drivers. Also taking the calls for reckless drivers and getting them off our roadways," said Hill.

In the first five months of 2013 the Howe Police Department made three DWI arrests. So far this year, they've already arrested 8 intoxicated drivers.

But Grayson County residents have mixed feeling about the patrol increase.

"I don't feel it's really good. I think it's a speed trap through Van Alstyne and Howe. That's how I personally feel," said Brenda Abolos, a Grayson County resident.

"There's some crazy drivers and I think it's a good idea for them to patrol 75 the way they do," said Mark Pryor, a Grayson County resident.

Sergeant Hill says its the department's responsibility to keep anyone driving through their city safe.

If that means more patrols to get drunk drivers off the roads, that's what they'll do.

"With the increases of D.W.I.'s, unfortunately, does come with the accidents, serious injuries and sometimes fatal injuries. So definitely going to do what we can to keep them. But we definitely don't want to see an increase," said Hill.

Hill says if any drivers do plan to drink, it's best to plan ahead to stay where you are or get a designated driver. Not only will it save you from facing major consequences, but it will also keep you and other drivers safe.

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