Hugo burglars leave behind thousands in liquor

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HUGO, OK -- Burglars in Hugo attempted to steal thousands of dollars worth of liquor Friday morning, but were unable to get away with the booze.

Police say around four Friday morning they responded to a suspicious vehicle and noticed several bags full of liquor bottles in the vehicle. They say an officer noticed a liquor store's door less than a block away was opened. The burglars dropped the liquor, valued between $5,000 and $7,000, and fled the scene.

Investigators say this same store has been burglarized three times in the last six months.

"I'm estimating that there were at least two suspects, due to the weight of the items that were carried," said Hugo Police Sgt. Investigator Billy Jenkins. "Some of the bags were extremely heavy."

Authorities say the vehicle used in the burglary was stolen . Police are investigating, but say they have no suspects at this time.

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