Hugo gymnastics coach convicted of rape issues statement

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HUGO, OK-- Sandro Ramos, the Hugo private gymnastics coach convicted of raping a young female student last week, has issued a statement to News 12.

Through his wife Amanda Siniga, Ramos says, "I, Sandro Ramos, do declare I was wrongfully convicted of crimes I did not commit. I declare my innocence.

As a minority male not from this area, I never stood a chance at a fair trial in Choctaw County. I believe a majority of the jurors' minds were made up before they ever entered the courtroom.

I will not give up my fight to prove my innocence and be exonerated. I will exhaust all appeals and continue to fight against the injustice that I, my family and friends, have endured.

Watch and be mindful of the things that will be revealed. My innocence will be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt," said 40 year old Sandro Ramos.

The jury has recommended a life sentence for Ramos. His sentencing is scheduled for October 7th.

He also faces similar charges in South Carolina.