Hundreds pour into Denison for FLW regional fishing tournament

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DENISON, TX -- Starting Thursday Lake Texoma will be full of fishermen.

"We're really excited to host the FLW, which is a Walmart affiliate tournament. And this is the Walmart Bass Fishing league. It's a regional tournament," said Anna McKinney, Chamber of Commerce president.

And regional is the hook here.

"Most of these people are outside of our region totally. Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas," McKinney said.

Almost 300 people in total - in addition to the World Aerobatic Championships which started last week.

"It's really exciting for us," McKinney said.

And that's also exciting for local restaurants, like North Rig Grill.

"I'd say sales have been up in the past two weeks with everything going on, verses normally, you know," said Grant Bennett with North Rig.

Bennett said they've been packed lately.

"There have been some parties where we have had to call in more staff. And that's what you want. You want more business, more people working, that's better all around," he said.

And they plan to land even more customers this weekend.

"Local businesses we have a lot of pride in what we do. We're very proud of this restaurant and this community as well too," he said.

And for fisherman in the tournament, there's a lot on the line. It's a qualifying tournament, the top six qualify for the All-American round.

Lance McCratic says his strategy is to catch the fish others miss.

"Just as a young kid I just got into and just decided to start out with the BFL, see where it goes, and maybe take the chance to make it big."

But for the city, Denison say they've already made it big.

"We just have multiple things going on, so it's very exciting for our area."

The tournament runs through Saturday. They'll launch every morning from High Port Marina.

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