Hundreds show up for free Thanksgiving dinner in Denison

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DENISON, TX -- While Texomans gathered around their tables for a Thanksgiving feast today, one dinner party served up hundreds of guests.

At Trinity United Methodist Church they reached out to the entire community, serving up a delicious Thanksgiving spread.

But for some of the guests, it was more than just Thanksgiving dinner, said Pamela Gurak, with Mission Texoma.

"We have people who are on the streets, and this might be the only hot meal they've gotten for months," she said.

Every year they do this, they get guests who want to pay it forward, Gurak said.

"We get gentlemen, ladies, who come to us afterwards and ask what they can do to help because they're so grateful to come in and have a warm meal," she said.

This is the first year four different organizations have come together: Trinity, Mission Texoma, The Refuge Church and New Beginnings Fellowship.

"The need is just tremendous. And we're here to fill at least a little bit of that need," she said.

But it was also a day to give thanks.

"The food's not necessarily the main reason they're here. A lot of time it's just the fellowship and being around other people," said James Trainor, with Trinity.

And for everyone who showed up, the smiles on their faces were pretty contagious.

"We are very thankful that we got to come, and join in, and celebrate Thanksgiving with them," guest Ann Glass said.

Trainor said around 100 people showed up to volunteer and students from Grayson college cooked most of Thursday's meal.

"It's been a real blessing. And I hope it's been just as much a blessing for those who came to eat as it is for those who came to serve," he said.

Gurak said they also delivered meals to those unable to leave their homes.

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