"Hunger Games" horse trainer among equine professionals visiting NCTC

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GAINESVILLE, TX -- Dozens of professionals from the horse industry gathered at NCTC in Gainesville to talk about their business, and inspire the college's equestrian students. They even received advice from one professional whose horses are hitting the big screen later this fall.

Veterinarians, breeders, and horse trainers were among those in attendance at NCTC's Equine Industry Day in Gainesville.

"I'm fourth generation horse trainer and I've done it for 55 years," Gene Brown said.

The owner of Training Resources in Sanger, Gene Brown, was on hand offering tips on the ever-evolving industry, showing students that there are many possibilities when it comes to making it a career.

Brown's turned his horses into movie stars.

Brown trained 14 horses that will be in the upcoming "Hunger Games" sequel, "Catching Fire". You won't see Brown in the movie, but he's guiding the horses in the film.

"They're all in pair, two horses, pulling the chariot. And it looks like nobody is driving the chariot because we're on our hands and knees looking out a little slit in the front of the chariot," Brown said.

"I've had horses in movies since Betty Davis. Most people don't remember."

It's professionals like Brown that NCTC equine instructor Becky Terrell try to get her students in front of.

"There's so many other ways that you can make a living in the horse industry," Terrell said.

"People come from all over the country to train in this area and to show in this area. So, to actually have an educational program here where you can experience everything all at once is really unique for this area," Kat Caraway said.

The Cooke County area is known as the hub of the horse industry. And with a thriving profession right in the students' back yard, Brown believes there is a promising future ahead for anyone who wants to get involved.

"The exciting thing is that there are so many jobs coming into the industry because our demands are so much higher," he said.

NCTC holds this Equine Industry Day every year, and so far it's led their students to success in the industry.

If you want to see Brown's horses in action "Catching Fire" premieres on November 22.

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