I-35 near Thackerville gets new interchange

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I- 35 is gaining new access points. In the coming months, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation will oversee the construction of a new off ramp and an on ramp at mile marker 3.

ODOT resident engineer Jay Earp said drivers will have an easier trip to and from Love County's top destination.

"That will allow much easier access, much better access to the Winstar casino," said Earp.

The Chickasaw Nation is fueling the $3.5 million project--so it's no cost to tax payers. What might cost drivers though is time and headaches in the coming weeks. Drivers can expect I-35 to go down to one lane in each direction.But this will only last 35 days at a time, not during the whole project. The Chickasaw Nation expects the additional ramps to ease current traffic, and make the roads more safe.

"What you have basically is a mini city with one entry so it makes sense from a long term standpoint, from a safety standpoint, to add an additional exit," said Chickasaw Nation spokesperson Kym Koch.

But in the meantime, the road leading to the bridge over I-35 in front of Winstar is closed.

Because of the closed road that means that cars will have to take a detour if they want to get on the bridge.

The project is set to finish in the spring. Until then, ODOT asks drivers to take highway 77 instead to avoid the construction.

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