I love my job: Striper Fishing Guide

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SHERMAN, TX -- For the second part of our series, "I love my job!" we were fortunate here at News 12, to get to spend a day on Lake Texoma, working and fishing. Striper guide, Marty Zamora explains why he has such a fulfilling career.

While most people are still sleeping, Marty Zamora has already caught his bait and loaded up his boat with clients.

He then scopes out some of the best fishing spots on Lake Texoma.

"I love and enjoy what I do, and look around, I love my office," Zamora says.

Zamora has been guiding on the lake for more than 30 years

He manages his own website, handles all the booking and cleans and fillets the fish himself. He says, one of the benefits of such a successful run as a striper guide, is getting to watch his clients grow up.

"I had clients that started when they were ten years old, now they're in their twenties and thirties and bringing their wives up. I can imagine I'll be seeing their kids soon."

He also appreciates his time outdoors, because he knows, there are plenty of other jobs that aren't quite as fun.

Zamora said, "Right out of high school I had an office job for 12 years. The whole time I was there on days like today, beautiful days, I was looking out the window, wishing I was fishing."

Setting his own schedule and helping people make memories, are another couple reasons, Marty Zamora can say, I love my job.

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