Icy conditions cause damage in Bryan County; officials still urge caution

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BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- Officials say many of the main roads are cleared. But they caution that county roads and side roads are still icy.

And Fire Marshal Wade Boyd said the icy conditions caused problems as they responded to a house fire early Monday morning.

"We really had the deck stacked against us today with the cold weather and the ice on the ground," Boyd said.

The fire started at a home on Hwy 48/78, near Hwy 69/75 around 4:30 a.m. Everyone made it out safely. They're still investigating what sparked the blaze, Boyd said.

"And we had a really tough time due to the cold temperatures getting to it. And it was a total loss," he said.

Elsewhere in the county, at least three buildings collapsed under the weight of the ice, Emergency Manager James Dalton said. One building is a warehouse at the Tile Shop. Another is a residential barn out in the county.

"The City of Durant sanitation department, where they park the sanitation trucks, it collapsed," Dalton said.

No one was injured in any of the buildings, he said. All of the incidents result from weather conditions.

"There has been a significant amount of ice, as you can tell behind us," Dalton said.

Some of the ice started to thaw Monday - but it will re-freeze overnight, Dalton said.

"One thing I'm really concerned with right now is our slip-and-fall hazard. It's probably at the highest it's been," he said.

He cautions everyone to avoid walking on the ice if possible.

"Those sidewalks, those ramps, are like they are going to be the next couple of days. One wrong step and you're down," he said.

Officials remind all residents that until the ice completely thaws, it will still be slick in some areas. They caution drivers to continue to watch for black ice and take it slow on the roadways.

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