Icy roads cause several minor accidents in Grayson County

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GRAYSON COUNTY,TX---The icy road conditions caused several accidents across the area all morning.

"Just don't assume, hey the roadway's clear here, so it's going to be clear up there." said Corp. Kevin Garbachik.

Caution. That's what local agencies have been repeating all morning.

"We still have icy spots, they still need to be cautious that at any moment they could lose control." said Garbachik.

We saw several cars spin out or slide into other vehicles throughtout the day.

Both Sherman and Denison police reported dozens of these minor accidents because of the slick conditions and tricky black ice.

"Folks are going too fast, just don't realize it's there, and cause them to lose control." said Lt. Mike Eppler.

Several of the accidents that happened in Sherman were on the Highway 82 overpass over Texoma Parkway.

We saw two accidents take place less than 15 minutes from each other on that same stretch. No one was seriously hurt, but police say even though these roads may be sanded and might not look dangerous, they are.

"You need to be safe and drive in a safe manner, just being prepared for anything to happen that you're not expecting." said Garbacik.

Officials also say that if you are going to head out, that you let someone know.

"You need to let people know where you're going and the route you're going to take just in case that you do have a problem." said Eppler.

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