Icy roads in Southern Oklahoma cause several injuries and one fatality

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ARDMORE, OK -- OHP responded to dozens of calls this morning because of the icy roads. At least one of those, was fatal.

Driver Cindy Wood said, "The traffic was crazy and it was slick. It wasn't so slick when we left but the closer we got this way, the 18 wheelers for miles and miles. The 18-wheelers on the side of the road and jack-knifed."

Cindy and Joe Wood traveled through Ardmore Monday morning from Kansas city.
They say weather-related accidents on I-35, turned their nearly 40 minute drive from Pauls Valley to Ardmore, into two hours.

Wood said, "We're just ducking out of town, thinking we're going to miss the ice, and here we are right in the middle of it."

They say they had never experienced Southern Oklahoma roads in such bad shape.

"We've come this time of year for several years and this is the worst," said Wood.

"We were not expecting it to be nowhere near this bad. You know, for there being no snow, no sleet falling, this, by far, has been the busiest day we've had in a couple of years," says OHP Troop F Captain Ronnie hampton.
He says they responded to at least fifty accidents between 5AM and noon Monday.
He says several people were taken to hospitals, one was flown to oklahoma city, and one person was killed in a multi-car pile-up.

Hampton said, "Unfortunately, we did have one three vehicle crash on state highway 19 in the western part of Garvin County at Wallville Road that killed one person."

Hampton says the roads have gotten better throughout the day with sanding, but drivers are continuing to under-estimate the treacherous black ice.
He warns, if you do hit a patch, do NOT touch the steering wheel or brakes.

"Don't hit your brakes. And I know that sounds strange, but the most prudent thing to do is to put your vehicle in neutral and then just kind of ride your brake softly. give yourself plenty of time, you know, as you come up on curves and stop signs and things like that," said Hampton.

Wood says, "It just doesn't look like it's slick, and it sure is."

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