Increased gas prices cause problems for Labor Day travelers

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Rising gas prices are affecting vacationers' travel plans.

The national average is $3.82 a gallon, according to AAA - almost a $0.10 increase from a week ago.

Local prices are averaging $3.69 a gallon - though prices are as low as $3.55 at some locations.

Bobbie Gunkel, an Oklahoma City resident, said the price increase caused him to cut his Labor Day visit to Texoma short.

"We drove anyway, but we kinda curtailed on the driving," he said. "There's a few other places we were gonna go, but we didn't go to, it got too high."

Stacy Smith, an Ennis resident, said she had to come to Sherman for a stock show - but it was an expensive trip.

"We just don't go anywhere hardly unless its necessary to go," she said. "This is our first stock show that's this far away, and it's really hit the pocketbook this weekend."

Gas prices went up last week because of Tropical Storm Issac.

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