Investigation reveals Ardmore officers justified in shooting of Henry Jackson

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ARDMORE, OK - Three weeks ago Captain Eric Hamblin and Officer Juan Galicia exchanged gunfire with 19-year-old shooting suspect Henry Jackson.

Jackson, who was wanted for four shootings with one of them fatal, died at the scene at H St. NE and Marting Luther King Ardmore.

Now district attorney Craig Ladd said the investigation into the officers' use of deadly force that night is complete.

"I think it's clear based upon the results of that investigation that the use of deadly force by Captain Eric Hamblin and Officer Juan Galicia was lawful," said Ladd.

Ladd said under Oklahoma law, officers can use deadly force when they have probable cause that a person they're trying to arrest committed a crime that resulted in serious bodily harm or when the use of deadly force is needed to protect the officer or others from serious bodily harm.

Ladd said in this case both of these conditions existed and he praised Hamblin and Galicia for their actions.

"They did an outstanding job and they showed a lot of courage and a lot of poise in a very harrowing circumstance," Ladd said.

Police chief Ken Grace agreed.

"I think they acted in a very professional manner," said Grace. "They did exactly what they were trained to do."

The investigation showed that officers learned Jackson had told a friend he planned to commit robberies and shoot anyone who tried to stop him because he wasn't going back to jail.

It also revealed that Jackson shot first firing 13 rounds at the officers, one of which missed Hamblin's head by only inches.

After a short chase Jackson crashed, and fired at least five more shots at Hamblin's car hitting it twice. That's when Ladd said Hamblin and Galicia returned fire killing Jackson.

Grace said he's just glad it's all over.

"I'm just thankful it turned out the way it did and like I said I'm very proud of the men," Grace said.