James Conn Nipp and Sabrina Graham back in court

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ARDMORE, OK -- Two people who authorities say may be connected to the disappearance of two missing Carter County residents, were back in the courtroom today.

"i'll see y'all. Y'all take it easy. Love y'all." -Those words, spoken by James Conn Nipp to his family Tuesday morning, are words Molly Miller's family still longs to hear from her.

"I miss her. Real bad. And we're going on eight months here, that, you know, we still have no molly," said Alex Miller.

Investigators say Nipp was the last person to see Molly Miller and Colt Haynes in July, when he led police on a chase with Miller and Haynes in the car.
Nipp was arrested twice last month. First for the July chase, then for another chase in January.
He was at the Carter County courthouse today for a preliminary hearing conference, where he requested to set a preliminary hearing.

Miller says, "We know he was in possession of my granddaughter, obviously, and the last one to have seen her. But yet, he has yet to say where he's seen her last."

Also at a preliminary hearing conference this morning: Sabrina Graham.
Police say The 2012 Honda Accord Nipp was driving during the July pursuit, belonged to Graham.
Graham had reported it as stolen, but OHP says they believe Graham gave permission for Nipp to use the car.
She is charged with filing a false insurance claim.

"I do believe that with all the proceedings that are going on, the people being arrested lately, I think somebody is going to come forward and give us the information we need to bring molly home," said Molly's aunt, Paula Miller Fielder.
The Millers say they're holding out for the day when they will no longer have to ask 'where's molly?'
And they believe Nipp knows the truth.

Miller said, "If we can get him to answer that question, then this will be over with."

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