Joint investigation leads to large marijuana growing bust

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ANNA, TX -- Anna and Van Alstyne police made shutting down this growing operation a top priority, because they say the pot was likely being sold to children.

Police surrounded this anna home Thursday afternoon, and busted the residents with several thousand dollars of marijuana.

"In a bedroom in the house we found over 60 plants at various cultivation, from seedlings, all the way up to full adult plants," Sgt. Jeff Caponera said.

Sergeant Jeff Caponera says one homeowner was in police custody when our cameras arrived. Just a short time later, the second suspect showed up and was immediately placed under arrest.

Police say the couple is being held in the Collin County Jail pending drug and child endangerment charges, since three children also live in the home.

Investigators say they have good reason to believe this marijuana was landing in the hands of children.

"This guy can no longer produce any marijuana and distribute it to our kids around the neighborhood, which is the information that we received is he has been doing it in the middle school and high school," Caponera said.

Neighbors declined to go on camera, but told News 12 the family kept to themselves. They say they had no idea what was going on just feet from their own homes.

"It's not uncommon by any stretch of the imagination. People that are trying to cultivate marijuana or do any type of nefarious behavior, they try to blend in in neighborhoods such as this so they don't attract attention," Caponera said.

Investigators will begin weighing the plants, and once weighed they'll be able to determine the street value of the drug and the exact charges that will be filed.

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