Ken Grace starts job as Ardmore Police Chief

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ARDMORE, OK -- With the new year, comes new leadership at the Ardmore Police Department.

The now former Carter County sheriff, Ken Grace, began his new role as Ardmore's police chief Thursday.

Some of his top priorities are making the department more open and increasing interaction with citizens.

"I just think we need to be more accountable out to the public. And try to get to know more of the public. So that's going to be my main goal is to do that."

And despite some controversy surrounding past chiefs, and the high turnover in that position over the past few years, Grace says that's about to change, because he's in it for the long haul.

Grace says, "From looking outside in, I think that was one of the problems in the past. And that's what I'm going to try to avoid. And I'd like to be here for a few years more than they were."

Taking his place as sheriff, is Milton Anthony, who has served as under-sheriff since 2008.

He says, "Making the transition from the under-sheriff to the sheriff, it's kind of a big, big change. Just comes with the responsibility of the citizens of Carter County."

Anthony says his long history serving with the sheriff's office and police department, and deep roots in the community, will help him with his new leadership position.

Anthony says, "We've got a top notch department in the sheriff's office, and it will remain that way, and if anything, it will get better."

Grace says, "We need that relationship between the police department and the sheriffs office and he and I are both going to make sure it's still there."

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