Keystone Pipeline Protester arrested in Coal County

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COAL COUNTY, OK -- Around 7:14 AM Thursday morning, the Coal County Sheriff's office received a call about a protestor at the construction site of the Keystone Pipeline near CR1590 and CR 3720, and this guy was not going anywhere.

"Upon arrival, a protestor was located with his arm cemented into the ground and chained to a piece of rebar within the fence," said Coal County Sheriff Department Investigator, Jarel Bailey.

Sheriff's officials say 42-year-old Fitzgerald Claude Scott was protesting on behalf of the Tar Sands Resistance, an organization opposed to the construction of the pipeline.

Bailey says there were about 10-12 more protestors at the site, but Scott was the only one was arrested.

"No reason to arrest them, they were simply videotaping everything that was going on," said Bailey.

According to Bailey, Scott had been at the site several hours before construction workers arrived.

"He was already cemented and said he had been there for a couple hrs," Bailey said.

Construction had to be put on hold for several hours as emergency personnel tried to free Scott from the cement. When they finally did, he was arrested for trespassing, but not without getting the last word.

"The concrete wasn't hard enough, that's what he yelled to the supporters when he was being escorted to the patrol car," said Bailey.

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