Kids vandalize Durant elementary school

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DURANT, OK -- A local elementary school was vandalized over the weekend, and police caught the unusual suspects.

Sunday around 7:00, Police say four children, ages 10 and under, snuck through an unlocked window at Robert E. Lee Elementary in Durant.

"They had put glue on the floor, and splashed paint on the walls, and a couple of smart boards. A couple of laptops I think were damaged," said said Drew Hale.

Durant Police Detective Drew Hale says officers found the suspected vandals with a little help.

"There were some other juveniles that witnessed them come out and followed them, and they were the ones that reported this to police," said Hale.

School officials say they're upset about the damage, but even more disappointed to learn who's suspected of committing the crime.

"I think it's frustrating anytime. Anytime you got something like that happens. Vandalism; I'll never see the point," said Superintendent Duane Merideth.

Superintendent Duane Merideth says he's proud of the staff for cleaning up the mess in time for students' return to class Tuesday morning.

"It's unfortunate these things happen, but they did, but our group knows what's best for our kids, and they had the school ready to go this morning," said Merideth.

All four kids suspected of the vandalism were detained by Police, then released to their parents.

Police say the kids must now appear in juvenile court.

The district also says they are considering punishment.

Police ask the public to keep an eye out for incidents like these, so they can stop them from happening again.

"If you do see a kid around the school acting like they shouldn't be, or being where they shouldn't be, then absolutely call and let us know," said Hale.