Camp Cavett hosts chronically ill kids at Lake Texoma

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KINGSTON, OK-- 150 children,110 councilors and 100 volunteers Camp Cavett crowds the docks of Catfish Bay Marina. They all went Striper fishing Thursday.

11-year-old, Daniel Johnson, has seizures on a regular basis and said fishing is his favorite part about Camp Cavett.

"I caught a lot of fish, I caught a big huge fish."

For 17 years, Camp Cavett has hosted hundreds of chronically ill children at Lake Texoma. But as volunteers and councilors both said it's more than about catching fish.

"It doesn't matter if we catch fish or not, we are out on the boat, seeing the lake, and nature and all this stuff, just getting away with it. The thing you think about when your fishing, is fishing, not all your life's problems," volunteer, Dean Williams, explained.

Lani Shropshire has been a councilor at the camp for 2 years and said Camp Cavett is more than a summer camp, it makes the children healthier.

"It's all about the kids helping each other, getting through every situation. Growing and the courage that I see with these kids is amazing and the situations that they overcome."

16-year-old, Karina Keck, has scoliosis and has been to Camp Cavett four times. She said camp rejuvenates her and reminds her how important life is.

"If you have illnesses, they don't want you to give up on it, they want you to keep going and not let it stop you."

Not all the campers caught fish, but they do all agree on one thing.

"The kids get to be kids, they are not patients," Shropshire said.