Knight Furniture celebrates 100 years

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SHERMAN, TX-A Sherman furniture store hits a milestone Thursday. Knight Furniture celebrated a century since they first opened their doors.

Sherman Mayor Bill Magers presented a proclamation. Texas state representative Larry Phillips presented the Knight family with a resolution from Governor Rick Perry, the Texas House of Representatives and Senator Craig Estes all in recognition of the store's history and community service.

KXII's own Tom Miller and Maureen Kane were honored to speak at the event.

The original owner's daughter was also there and she shared some of the store's and the city's history with our own Victoria Maranan.

"I always knew this store as this size for the last. I worked here and it was this size during the war, World War II, so it was big then."

Nadyne Hughes said the the world may have changed a lot over the past 100 years, but her father's business has not.

J.B. Knight, started Knight Furniture back in 1912 and she worked there after she graduated from college.

Hughes said they worked long hours back then, until 10:00 at night on Saturdays.

"I worked in the floor and was a saleslady and worked at the stock," she said.

Hughes watched the business grow, even through the Great Depression and the recent recession.

She was there Thursday as Knight Furniture celebrated a century in business.

"Oh it's quite an honor. It's exciting for us and our staff, the Sherman community's just been good to us."

Knight Furniture president, David Gunn said their business show no signs of slowing down even after 100 years and said they owe that to Texoma.

"Our goals are the same as it has always been, to continue to grow, to continue to serve the local community," he said.

"I think it's a testament to hardwork and knowing the local community. So it's important that we as a community buy local, shop local and eat at local restaurants."

State Representative Larry Phillips said he's seen the impact shopping at home can have on cities.

"Spend dollars here because all those tax dollars will help everyone in Grayson County," he said.

Both Gunn and Hughes said they have a piece of advice to current and future business owners.

"You know I don't know if there really is a secret other than hard work, being willing to put in the commitment. If there is a secret, it truly is in embracing our community," said Gunn.

"Hang in, the fourth generation can still make it and that's what's happening here. We've come through the first, second and third generation, we made it to the fourth and we're still doing well," said Hughes.

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