La Mesa restaurant reopens nearly a week after employees come down with Norovirus-like symptoms

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SHERMAN, TX -- After being closed for nearly a week, La Mesa Restaurant in Sherman has re-opened its doors.

Patrons were seen going into the restaurant throughout the day and Grayson County Health Director, John Teel, says the facility is safe and the staff is healthy.

"The Health Department actually checked each arriving employee to make sure they did not have fever, and make sure their health history showed no gastrointestinal illness in the last 72 hours so we feel good about reinstating their food service permit," Teel said.

News12 reached out to La Mesa but they declined to comment.

Teel says the restaurant followed specific guidelines in order to ensure the safety of their staff and patrons.

"They were required to use an approved sanitizer similar to bleach, and they were required to wipe down everything in the restaurant," Teel said. "They were required to re-wash all dishes and tableware."

Teel says 30 people reported Norovirus-like symptoms after dining in the restaurant last week, but they have not yet confirmed whether Norovirus is to blame at La Mesa, like another recent outbreak in Grayson County.

"One outbreak has been confirmed in Sherman, an outbreak that has infected 100 people in Sherman, and we have confirmed that with various testing of stool samples so that is definitely our number one suspected agent," said Teel.

He says the virus usually lasts 24 to 48 hours and good hand washing and hygiene can prevent it from spreading.

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