Ladonia puppy recovering after nearly dying in the cold

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LADONIA, TX -- A Fannin County animal shelter says a puppy is recovering, brought in after nearly freezing and starving to death.

"There's just something special about it. When they know they survived and you helped them," Wolfe said.

Glenn Wolfe says Scarlett was brought to his shelter just a week ago. He says at one point she had been stuck to the ground by her own frozen blood and saliva. He says the nearly four month old puppy had been left out in the cold for at least two weeks and was just hours away from death.

"Severe frostbite with a combination of dehydration and malnutrition," Wolfe said. "I've seen a lot of beat up dogs but I've never seen one in this condition."

Wolfe says he was asked to put her down, but instead decided to give Scarlett another chance at life.

"Very tough. She's proven it every day," Wolfe said.

Wolfe says Scarlett is fortunate, but knows there are hundreds of dogs out there that are not as lucky.

Veterinarian David Tidwell says he has treated many dogs in his office for hypothermia.

"Most of those cases are where dogs are being left out without proper shelter and bedding," Dr. Tidwell said.

He says if it is too cold for you to be outside. It most likely is for your pet too.

"Of course we always recommend that they come inside when its cold, but if they do have to stay outside. They need to be dogs that have been acclimated to the temperature, and have slowly been able to get used to it," Dr. Tidwell said.

Dr. Tidwell says if your dog must stay outdoors to make sure they have an insulated shelter with warm bedding like blankets or hay.

Even though Scarlett is getting along just fine now, Wolfe hopes sharing her ordeal will prevent other animals from being treated the same way.

"I hope they bring their dog inside, and I hope they learn how to feed it and water it, and take better care of it," Wolfe said.

To follow Scarlett's progress visit the Facebook link below.