Lake Texoma up a foot in past month

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LAKE TEXOMA - Recent rains have helped raise the water level of Lake Texoma and it could go up even more. After a long drought, that's music to the ears of lake businesses.

The water level of Lake Texoma fluctuates from month to month depending on the amount of rain we receive.

After a long drought the water level had reached lows not seen since the 70's.

But thankfully, so far this summer we've had more rainfall than usual which has brought the level up by about a foot.

Not only is that good for the lake, it's also good for business.

"We do like the rain. We don't want too much of it where it's over the banks. But it's been a good year," said Beth Hutchinson with the Lighthouse Resort and Marina.

For Hutchinson and the Lighthouse Resort and Marina business on Lake Texoma is good and it will only get better as the water level rises.

B.J. Parkey, with the Army Corps of Engineers, said he's hopeful for an even greater increase.

"Over the past 30 days our lake has risen nearly one foot. For the past 60 days we are up nearly three feet," said Parkey.

News 12's chief meteorologist Steve LaNore said after an unusually dry spring, the summer months have produced more rain than normal.

Helping the water level on Lake Texoma rise, but it still hasn't completely recovered from the drought conditions.

Parkey said the normal level is 617 feet above sea level.

Right now the lake is at about 611 feet.

"But again for this time of year we're still low. We're still about 6 and a half feet lower than normal.

Records show that since 2007 the water level of Lake Texoma during the month of July has been above normal, except for 2011.

While the dry weather took a toll on the lake, Parkey said the rain has definitely helped.

"A lot cooler than expected with below average temperatures. We've had several overcast, cloudy days. Just a couple of days above 100 degrees. So that's definitely kept our evaporation rates down for the months of July.

But while the water level fluctuates, business at the Lighthouse Resort and Marina remains steady.

"We've got great beaches. We really haven't complained about the lake level being a little bit lower because we've seen more sandy beaches which afford more room for people to get out there," said Hutchinson.

Parkey said although levels have increased, Lake Texoma still needs a significant amount of rain to bring that level back up 6-and-a-half-feet to normal.

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