Lake Texoma Association drawing support to change laws regarding pumping of Lake Texoma

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MARSHALL CO., OK -- The Lake Texoma Association is asking citizens to support them as they try to change laws regarding the pumping of Lake Texoma.

The association has created a petition to change federal laws to put more power into the drought controls already written in federal law.

They say the lake was built for flood control, water supply and hydropower ,and while there are restrictions, power companies can still draw from the lake if there is peak demand.

The executive director goes into more detail on why the want the laws changed.

Lake Texoma Association Director Shelly Morgan said, "The drought controls that are in place right now are just not effective. I mean they didn't consider the fact that we've got this huge economic growth in Texas and in Oklahoma. They were written 70 years ago."

At last check the petition had more than 900 signatures.

View the petition here