Lake Texoma campers forced to leave

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MEAD, OK - Campers at Lake Texoma Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds had no idea their camping vacation would be impacted by the lack of progress in Washington.

"Every year, my two boys come from out of town to fish. Well, got here yesterday and have to leave tomorrow. It's no fun."

Velma Tucker is disappointed that her family's annual fishing trip will have to wait until further notice, after she, and other Lake Texoma campers, were notified this morning that they're being forced to leave due to the federal government shutdown.

"Beginning at 8 this morning our ranger staff went around to notify all the campers that they must vacate our campgrounds by 8 PM by tomorrow, Wednesday afternoon."

B.J. Parkey with the Army Corps of Engineers says they received their briefing around 7 AM Tuesday on how to inform their 200 plus campers they had to go.

"Some of them are long-term campers that we're having to ask to leave. So it's definitely unfortunate for them."

Parkey says it's not just the campers and the 26 employees at Lake Texoma that will be affected.

"Obviously it's going to have a definite impact on the economy...local businesses around the lake."

He says until further notice, reservations will not be taken and campers who are asked to leave will be refunded for any unused portion of their reservations.

"It's hard to take and we're just optimistic that congress can come together and hopefully reach an end to this."

Until then, the Tucker's and other campers will just have to wait on their vacations.

"it's frustrating."

According to the Army Corps of Engineers, here are the closed Campgrounds:

East Burns Run
West Burns Run
Platter Flats
Johnson Creek
Caney Creek
Buncombe Creek
Juniper East and West
Preston Bend
Texas Damsite

Here are the OPEN Corps managed Boat Ramps & Fishing Areas:

Juniper West Boat Ramp
Spillway Boat Ramp
Oklahoma Fishing area below Denison Dam
Texas Fishing area below Denison Dam

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