Lake Texoma has busiest summer in years

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LAKE TEXOMA -- With Labor Day fast approaching, Lake officials are gearing up for a long holiday weekend after an exceptionally busy summer.

"The cool temperatures in late July and early June have been great for business, again for the Corps of Engineer campgrounds and as well as local businesses around Lake Texoma," said B.J. Parkey with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

He said recent rainfall has also given the lake a boost heading into labor day weekend.

"Last year and the previous years, we'd been in a significant drought for the past few years. And with us actually having a little bit of water this recreation season's been great for business all around the Lake," he said.

And speaking of previous years, blue-green algae is still a sore subject with lake-goers and businesses.

"This year, compared to the past couple of years we've seen a definite decrease in customers complaints, or even customer inquiries into blue-green algae," Parkey said.

Officials say toxicity is almost non-existent so far this year - and the water is safe.

A change noticed by Billy and Linda Roberts.

"There wasn't hardly anybody in the water at that time. But now we see they'll be several that'll be in the water every day," they said.

The two have been coming to the Lake to picnic for years. But this year, they've been able to come a few times a week thanks to cooler weather.

And with the weekend around the corner, the Corps is ready to wrap up a successful season.

"Listening to a lot of the businesses talk this past July 4th weekend was probably a record setting weekend for many of them around Lake Texoma," Parkey said.

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