Lake Texoma levels lower than normal

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LAKE TEXOMA-Officials said it's safe for boaters to enjoy Lake Texoma this weekend, but they need to be extra careful.

The Army Corps of Engineers' B.J. Parkey said despite last week's rainfall, Lake Texoma is still 4.5 feet shallower than usual this time of the year. But he's hoping they'll get more inflow from rainfall in the western counties in 30 days to bring lake levels back to normal by Memorial Day weekend.

"We urge boaters to be extremely cautious while out on the lake. Obviously there's a lot of foreign obstructions that are now visible, above lake level or they're just right below sub surface," he said.

Parkey reminds boaters to clean and drain their boats to prevent transporting zebra mussels across state lines, which is a violation of federal law.