Lake businesses hope to see more customers despite low lake levels

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LAKE TEXOMA -- With Texas schools in spring break this week...and oklahoma schools going on break next week...local business owners around lake texoma are hoping for a boost in business despite the low lake levels.

"You can feel a difference. I guess cause people are getting spooked and saying there is no lake but there is lake," said J's Corner Stop Manager, Sujal Shrestha.

Shrestha says business at the store in Pottsboro has already taken a hit from the low water levels.

"I've been here about six and a half years and this is the first spring break that has been kinda slow than the last four or five spring breaks I've been here," Shrestha said.

But Army Corps Assistant Lake Manager, B.J. Parkey, says the lake is open and ready for business.

"We're about seven foot low for this time of year of our seasonal pool but again, the lake is open, campgrounds are open, marina concessions are open, businesses around the lake are ready for business, and ready for spring to kick off," Parkey said.

Parkey says if lake levels drop another foot, Lake Texoma will enter Drought Level 3.

"Definitely the lower the lake goes, the more restricted access there is to the lake," Parkey said. "There are several boat ramps closed around the Lake Texoma just because of low lake elevation. However, there are still several boat ramps that are still open."

That's the message lake businesses want to get out to visitors as spring breakers hit the road.

"We are hoping a lot. I mean it's been a slow winter...and in the winter we don't get anyone but the locals, so we're hoping everything goes good but all we can do is cross our fingers," Shrestha said.

Parkey says the warmer weather has definitely helped.

"We've definitely see an increase of visitation, whether its just drive throughs or people bringing their campers in and staying with us, so definitely the warmer weather weather brings an onset of increased visitation," Parkey said.

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