Lake levels could affect local economy negatively

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DENISON,TX---Recent debates over the water levels at Lake Texoma are causing officials to caution in fear of it negatively affecting the local economy.

"Residents are concerned about the low lake levels in some areas here at Lake Texoma, but officials say that the lake isn't as bad as people are making it out to be."

Shelly Morgan from the Lake Texoma Association says she understands people's frustration but she worries about a negative effect on the lake's economy.

"Its not a perfect scenario but it's not the devastation that is being portrayed into." said Morgan.

Businesses like Dave's Ski and Tackle Shop in Denison are where employee Jeremy Parkey says the low lake levels could have the biggest impact.

"There's numerous different things that it'll effect and pretty much all of them are negative." said Parkey.

The low levels of Lake Texoma have been a hot topic around Texoma for awhile now. Kingston resident Robyn King has even gone so far to create a facebook page called "Save Lake Texoma."

"I want my children and my grandchildren to be able to enjoy the lake like I was when I was a child." said King.

The page has reached over 27,000 likes, with many of those followers posting eye-opening pictures from the lake. Representatives from Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn's office met with King Monday to discuss the levels, and how that's affecting the local economy.

"The economy on this lake will suffer deeply if this lake gets any lower." said King.

We reached out to senator Coburn's office about that meeting. Representatives responded with a statement saying.."we have been monitoring the situation at lake texoma since december...we will continue to engage in a dialogue with the community as well as the rest of the oklahoma congressional delegation, regarding the water level at Lake Texoma."

"Officials want the public to know that they are doing as much as they can to help the lake levels but they're asking for patience. Out at lake Texoma Ethan Hutchins, News 12."

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